Tips for applying to Kamehameha School?
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I've seen various posts about people doing their KS applications. Do anyone you with keiki already at Kamehameha have tips on getting children into Kamehameha?

One of my friends suggested Hanalani are a feeder school to KS. One of my co-workers said they got a tutor for their DS who was known to help get kids in, by helping them prep for the interview.

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This is the advice that I got from a Mama who has a daughter at KS.  She said:  Everyone puts so much pressure on themselves & their kids to get into that school.  She said she did the same thing and it caused her daughters hair to fall out! 

With that said, I have to admit that I was totally one of those people!  Now we just try to get my niece involved in different activities & help her where/when she needs it academically.  Iʻm still trying me hardest to give her the best education available for her.

Oh & another friend of mine said she believed that the teachers letters has a lot to do with it.  She said that her DD (who just got in) isnʻt a straight A or ME student but is really helpful in class & very compassionate towards other students.  So she believes she got in b/c of the teachers awesome letter.

I know Miaʻs DS is at KS, what are your thoughts Mia?


*I hope Iʻm not coming off rude.  Just passing on info I got from other KS mamas. 

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After applying and trying, my DD finally got accepted in the 7th grade. I was happy and she loves it there!


I just encouraged her to be herself and try her best at the testing appts.  I didn't want to pressure her.


Dont give up!!! Keep trying!


We always tried other private schools as well.


I will be trying my little one for Kindergarden next year!!



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we're considering sending our kids to KS. we won't be able to have dd apply there until she's ready for 4th grade and my twin boiz (i have time) @ kindergarten.

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My niece got accepted to Kamehameha (K) this year.  She attended Hanalani and also did tutoring this summer.  If your kids have awards from school and sports, they said it's a good thing to include copies of them with your applications.


I had my kids apply even though I really didn't want to.  My MIL wanted them to try.  I didn't want m kids to be accepted and take away a spot that a local that actually lives here could have gotten instead.


Good luck to all those who are applying to Kamehameha!

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My tip.  There is NOTHING optional about the application.  If you read the application instructions, it says something like the letters of recommendations from coaches, volunteer coordinators, copies of awards, etc are optional.  No way.  The KS application packet is scored on 24 points.  In grades 7 and 9, 8 of the 24 points-a FULL THIRD, is scored for "non academic" areas.  Your child can get the full points for excellent grades, test scores, teacher's recommendations, etc, but without a substantial amount of those 8 points from non-academics, getting in is questionable. The "non academic" area should include a range of activities:  sports, music, spiritual and MUST include a letter verifying the child's participation.  My impression is that activities that center around a Hawaiian cultural area (hula, song, paddling, etc) and a volunteer experience are looked upon favorably.  The volunteer letter has to have dates and the student's area of responsibility.

So much stress and effort to get into KS.  Hmm.  My daughter (Mia's DS' classmate) has also been there from K.  I'm not exactly sure how they score at that young age, but her test scores weren't great (95 math, 91 reading), but she had letters from our pastor, her kumu hula (had taken for 2 years) and the choir teacher at her preschool since was the singing "Mary" at their Christmas play.

All that being said, KS really isn't the right school for every child.  Please keep that in mind and don't take the "I'm sorry" letter as a reflection of your child or yourself.  I've had to tell myself that SIX times with each letter I've viewed as a rejection of my wonderful son Cry.  I've unsuccessfully applied for my DS since K and he's now a Sophomore, but in hindsight, he would have been miserable had he gotten in.  Instead, he attended a great public school and participated in the GT program and other activities that KS doesn't offer.  I think he's much brighter intellectually than my daughter, but she "shows well," follows direction, and loves to sing & dance.   In worked out for my son also.  DS was actually a full year ahead of what KS students learn in math during the 6th grade while in his GT class in public school.

I know I've strayed from the application tips request, but KS admission is such an emotionally charged process that I wanted to lend some thoughts that there is no perfect school and not getting accepted into KS can be a blessing for some children.

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Yikes!  How did I miss this post?  Great tips, ladies.  And yes, Maualei is right.  It's not the perfect school for every child.  That being said, I do whatever I can to encourage my 5th graders to apply come 6th grade for the open 7th grade spots.  I tell each of them that I will even help them through the process. 


The application and process are critical.  Deadlines are final and there will be no second chances or exceptions. 


I think for many kids, the interview is the key too.  Having them feel comfortable speaking with adults and having them elaborate (but not go off topic) is important.  Kindergarten test they will ask general questions such as where do you live, who is in your ohana, things like that.  Answers like "at my house" are common.  Simple things like knowing your neighborhood or who is in your ohana, that makes a difference.  For older kids, I remember getting interviewed when I was in 6th grade.  They asked me why I wanted to go to Kamehameha.  I can't remember what I answered, but I do remember coming out of the interview knowing that I rocked it.  They may have even had me read something and give my reaction to it, I somehow remember that.  Help your older kids to know how to answer questions just like a job interview and that will help them.  Have them be themselves, though, because you don't want to come off sounding scripted, just prepared.  There is a big difference.


I will be in the wishing well next year for my daughter to hopefully enter 4th although there are only 64 spots.  When she went for the Kindergarten test, she did not want to attend Kamehameha.  What are you gonna do when a 4 year old makes that kind of decision?  She wanted to be with her cousins at the Priory and I just couldn't afford it although she did get accepted.  She was such a difference at Priory and at Kamehameha.  At the Priory she let her personality out and was talking to the director yet at Kamehameha she barely let out a word and she even asked to be done.  Yikes. 


My advice is don't pressure out your kids.  My son was excited about Kamehameha, but he was already attending a private school so it wasn't a stres at all.  I didn't even tell him it was a test.  I told him he was gonna go play some games with an Aunty while I had a meeting and to be nice to her.  When he got the callback where they attended for half day I told him he was gonna go to a practice day to see how he got along with other kids and if he could be a good listener.  Now that my daughter wants to attend Kamehameha, I've told her that all she has to do is be herself and try her best and if she lets them see the real her that I know they will love her.  I also told her, though, that there are so little spots that she will try her best, but she will have another chance to try again in a couple years if they don't have room the first time and if that doesn't work, we'll find another school and keep trying and trying again.  I think it's crazy when people stress out their kids over this.  We shouldn't let our kids feel our pressure or cast that burden on them.  They are just kids.  My friend tried her kids since Kindergarten and now has 3 kids in -- one in elementary, one in middle and one in high school.  So don't give up either.  Those rejection letters are hard, I know, but don't give up.  And don't feel like this is your only hope either 


Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!   

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My advice is don't pressure out your kids.  My son was excited about Kamehameha, but he was already attending a private school so it wasn't a stres at all.  I didn't even tell him it was a test.  I told him he was gonna go play some games with an Aunty while I had a meeting and to be nice to her.  When he got the callback where they attended for half day I told him he was gonna go to a practice day to see how he got along with other kids and if he could be a good listener.

I think that is great! No pressure.



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