MIH Review: Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music


pc: Larisa Majors

One and a half hours of live music with our favorite childhood cast of characters—Elmo, The Count, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster—it’s Sesame Street Live!

pc: Larisa Majors


“Elmo Makes Music” was the theme of Sesame Street Live at the Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall. Our family attended the first morning show. This was our third time seeing the live performance—once when our eldest was little, once two years ago, and finally this year.

We all remember watching Sesame Street on T.V. as kids, but seeing larger than life versions of childhood favorite characters is a special treat. Much like the television series of my youth, the live show is filled with silly jokes, singing, dancing, and friendship. After experiencing Sesame Street Live, you realize the lessons and positive messages carry more impact for the kids when they can see it live on stage.

The plot of this character filled musical is kept simple for young audiences. The residents of Sesame Street are welcoming a new member to the neighborhood—Jenny the Music Teacher. The audience gets to participate and interact with the characters on stage as they sing songs about caring for others and how music is a fun and important part of life. I love the message of loving music—through music.

In case you are worried that Sesame Street Live is an event just for kids, never fear—they have orchestrated a show that adults (and pre-teens…we took our older son too) can sing and tap their feet to. Each main Sesame Street character has their own singing number. Each beloved character sings a song with a familiar tune in a song style from each decade. The ’70s Bert and Ernie number was my personal favorite.

Sesame Street Live is a great weekend family activity. Younger children will be star struck by their animated/puppet friends come to life on stage. Adults will be charmed by the sweet songs and positive messages throughout the performance. And for the older children who may find themselves along for the ride, well, who doesn’t smile when Elmo takes the stage?

More than just a show, Sesame Street Live is a concert, a play, a sporting event all in one. Be sure to bring your wallet full of cash for those must have souvenirs. An Elmo/Cookie Monster balloon will run you $10. T-shirts, collectors cups, glowing spinning gadgets (all at your preschooler’s eye level) are available for purchase during the fifteen-minute intermission halfway through the show, as well as before and after the live performance.  Be prepared to fork over some hard earned cash or give a firm no on the retail hoopla. The fast-paced singing and dancing show keep little eyes and ears at full attention, so you may be able to get away with just taking pictures (which are allowed) and saving your money to buy tickets for the next time Sesame Street Live comes to town!

This mom of two gives “Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music” four out of five musical notes. You will laugh, you will smile, you will sing along, you will boogie in your seat…and so will your kids.


🎵🎵🎵🎵 out of 5 notes.

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