#MIHEats: Earth Day Cupcakes

Pinterest is never short of creative ideas when you need it the most, right? With Earth Day just a couple of days away, I perused our Moms In Hawaii’s “Green Living” Pinterest board for the perfect activity for me and my kids. Lo and behold, I found an easy cupcake recipe, that blogger “Bird On A Cake” made.

Earth Day Cupcakes:

  • One box white cake mix, follow recipe on box
  • Blue food dye
  • Green food dye
  • Red food dye
  • Frosting
  • Cupcake liners


Separate the prepared batter into two bowls. Add blue dye to one bowl of batter and add green dye to the other bowl.


Drop batter into lined cupcake trays one at a time, creating the blue ocean and green land. After I added the desired amount of cupcake batter to each of the liners, I went back and added a drop more of green batter to create more realistic land.

Bake batter as instructed.

Since I didn’t have a small heart-shaped cookie cutter (like the recipe), I added red dye to two scoops of frosting. Then, I put the red frosting into a sandwich bag and cut the corner of the bag to make a hole.¬†The cupcakes were then decorated with hearts and the letters, L, O, V, and E were written on the cupcakes.

It’s a great way to celebrate Earth Day and an opportunity to start a conversation on the importance of protecting our environment¬†every day.



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