East Honolulu Exploration: Hanauma Bay Ridge

By February 10, 2017Mom Blogs

This week it was my birthday. Of course, I had to commemorate the occasion with a hike—an Eastside trek on my birthday eve with my Thursday Trail buddy and my five year old Zach. 

I successfully survived the first year of my forties. The big 4-0 last year was filled with many different hikes around O’ahu. Going with the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”, I’m determined to start my 41st cycle around the sun, the way I spent most of last year—exploring the island I love one hike at a time (and maybe throwing in some food destinations while I’m at it). 

We started my pre-birthday hike early in the morning. We had a quasi plan of how/where to park, as well as how/where to start the trail of this quasi restricted hike. 

Apparently hiking the ridge above beautiful Hanauma Bay is frowned upon…

Which is too bad, because it is extremely gorgeous and fun to do. 

But sometimes you have to persist

This hike was definitely a lesson in persistence. Although we started early after parking for $1 in the Hanauma Bay parking lot, it quickly became scorchingly hot. And the terrain on the way up was steep. And the terrain on the way down was rocky. 

And still we persisted

This hike was hard because of the following factors:

1. “Prohibited”
2. Blazing sun
3. Uphill battles, I mean climbs (not once, but several times)
4. Tantrum from the five year old (hand holding and a handful of M&Ms calmed him down)
5. We didn’t exactly know where we were going. 😬

But we persisted

And we were rewarded with stunning views of Diamond Head, Koko Head, Koko Marina, the Ka Iwi Coastline, Hanauma Bay, the sparking ocean, Maui, and Lana’i. 

Of course my iPhone photos won’t do the sights justice. You will just have to take my word for it that it was breathtaking. 

All the scenic views, and a few other factors, made this one of my most memorable hikes yet: 

1. There were zero mosquitos to contend with. Bonus! 
2. I broke in my new hiking boots and hiking socks even more. Extra bonus! 
3. I checked off a hike from my “Hiking Bucket List”. Bonus bonus! 
4. We had a birthday hike photo shoot. 
5. We took a risk that paid off. 


And to top off all of the cool sights, hard work, and tantrum enduring…we demolished authentic sub sandwiches from Jersey Mikes in Hawaii Kai. 

All in all, a fantastic way to kick off 41. Hanauma Bay ridge trail, pre-birthday festivities, Jersey sub sandwiches, and persistence are a winning combination. I think persistence will be my mantra for forty-one, so far it has served me well. 

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