New In Town: Sweet Creams

Sweet Creams
Location: 1430 Suite #2 Kona Street (the former Ailana Shave Ice)
Hours: Open Daily, noon to 9 p.m.
Social Media: Instagram – Sweet Creams 808
Great for: Families, GNO, and MNO

Friday, February 10 (Soft opening)
Grand Opening: Saturday, February 18

Hawaii’s popular pop-up company, Sweet Creams is opening their first brick and mortar location in Ala Moana. This Instagram-famous dessert is popular around the country and Asia for their special ice cream rolled desserts that originally started in Taiwan.  If you’ve been to their pop up around town or at a private event, you might’ve seen a long line of people patiently waiting to get their hands on it. Starting tomorrow, you can now get your Sweet Cream fix anytime you want.

Part of the Sweet Cream experience is watching the creamy dessert being made. Fresh cream is poured onto a frozen metal plate and spread thin with a spatula. Fresh fruits or cookies are then added and diced into the cream and then precisely rolled with the spatula to cream perfectly thin, rolled pieces and placed into a cup. Whipped cream, cookies, sprinkles and a special drizzle is added to make the ultimate cup of perfection.



Sweet Creams offers two affordable sizes for all to enjoy. Some of their popular flavors include Pineapple 5-0, Cookies n Cream, and Strawberry Shortcake. An option to create your own is also available.


Pineapple 5-0: Sweet Cream with fresh pineapple topped with whipped cream, coconut milk drizzle, fresh pineapple chunks, mac nut cookie



















Cookies n Cream: Sweet Cream with chocolate cookies topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, Cocoa Crispies and a Pocky Stick.



Strawberry Shortcake: Sweet cream with strawberry topped with whipped cream, Strawberry drizzle, Fruity Pebbles and a graham cracker

Besides their thirst-quenching, lemonade, Sweet Creams co-owner, Bari Caroll mentioned that coffee drinks and other drink varieties will soon be added to their growing menu. We’ll let you know when that happens.




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