A wonderful journey of empowering moms through an online and offline community known as Moms In Hawaii began six years ago. “Our goal was to engage moms in areas of their interest, to provide information they requested, and to encourage mom-to-mom friendships, fun meet-ups, and support. We connected with thousands of moms, aunties, grandparents, moms-to-be, and quite a few dads who found our website and many social media channels to be valuable. We wouldn’t have missed this journey and all the amazing people we met along the way, including the many local companies who sponsored our efforts over the years.”

Our moms, including those who operate Moms In Hawaii, are ready for some new adventures as life continues to evolve for them and their families. For this reason, Moms In Hawaii will be shutting down its website and social media channels on September 30, 2017. We know that moms will continue to support and empower each other and we are so grateful to you for letting us be part of your parenting journey!