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'Tis the season to sparkle from the inside out! #MomWisdomWednesday #MomsInHI #MomsInHawaii
2 hours ago
13 hours ago
20 hours ago
Playdough Parenting Pearl When I play with playdough, I learn to…Exercise my imaginationPlay with othersUse new words like warm, cool, wet, dry, squish, smoothUse math skills like short, long, shape, volume, density, massHomemade Playdough RecipeIngredients1 cup flour1 cup water2 t cream of tartar (…
2 days ago
How convenient! #MIHMomHumorMonday #MomsInHI #MomsInHawaii
2 days ago
14 days ago
14 days ago
16 days ago
Is it hard for you to get your child to eat more than one solid meal a day? You’ve cooked everything you could possibly think of and he just doesn’t want anything that has been made. Then dinner time comes and he can’t eat enough! Getting toddlers to eat unless they are extremely hungry can be a str…
27 days ago
When you have a puppy, it’s important to socialize her, which means letting her meet, play, and interact with other puppies and dogs. If you don’t, she’ll grow up to be your faithful, loving companion ... but she probably won’t like other dogs at all. When you have a toddler, do you need to worry ab…
29 days ago
It never fails! #MIHMomHumorMonday #MomsInHI #MomsInHawaii
30 days ago
31 days ago
Nourish the seeds and watch them grow! #MIHMomWisdomWednesday #MomsInHi #MomsInHawaii
35 days ago
Yep! #MIHMomHumorMonday #MomsInHI #MomsInHawaii
37 days ago
It's tempting to schedule every minute or allow electronics to fill in the down time, but hold your ground, moms! Plant some seeds for an idea or two and see what happens! #MIHMomWisdomWednesday #M…
42 days ago
Mom life! #MIHMomHumorMonday #MomsInHI #MomsInHawaii
44 days ago
46 days ago
48 days ago
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Wed Dec 17, 2014 11:12 AM HST

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